Sunday, May 20, 2018

Summer's here and the time is right

Summer's here and the time is right for tourists to come. I blurred the image a bit just for an old postcard. I love the umbrellas with colors. Some of the resorts have the most boring colors for their umbrellas. Gray and black, brown, doesn't make sense to me.

It's been a year since I posted on this blog! What the heck happened? Lots of life experiences but no reason to be away. So I'll be back at it because I like posting pretty pictures.

First of all Turtle Nesting Season has started. Do not leave trash or holes on the beach and keep it dark at night. Very important to help the mamas right now and later the same rules apply to help the babies.

Yesterday was amazing. The temperature in the 80's I think which is getting a little warm for me off the beach but on it, there is usually a breeze so it was pleasant.

Bruce and I came upon a number of these little beauties washed up on the beach. There's usually something interesting that washes up. I don't get crazy about it anymore, it's natures way. I do get crazy about plastics that wash up because that is not natures way but I digress. I call these little guys Bottle Cap jellies, but it turns out they are not jellyfish at all. Today I got an email from Laurie Reichenbach, the person in charge of the Turtle Watch Beach Ambassador program educating us so that we are in the know. She tells us that they, Blue Buttons, have the more formal name of Porpita Porpita which doesn't sound very formal but absolutely does suit them. It is a "colony of polyps" and that you should check out because it's kind of fascinating. But what most people want to know about it is do they sting. They do, but it is described as a skin irritation. I have not experienced it, but I try not to step on them. Interesting info about Porpita Porpita:

Oh and just because it's an annual thing that happens at our house, a photo of the 2018 crop of blue jays from our porch. In the nest and a first flight.

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