Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall at the Beach and Jellyfish!

Incredibly beautiful morning this fine September day. I got out a little later than usual and the sun was bright and quickly warming up a brisk daybreak. Almost tripped over a moon jellyfish. Ours are kind of pink because of their diet of crustaceans. There were quite a few stranded moon jellies.  I thought they were beaching themselves on purpose but found some good info that talks about how they are just not great swimmers.  Anecdotally, I have noticed past posts that make me think they seem to do this at this time of year. People get very nervous when they see any kind of jellyfish and why not avoid them jic. However, I've never been stung by a moon jelly which I understand is not an overly painful sting so maybe I didn't notice. I think I saw one pink meanie too this morning. The meanie does have a bad sting from what I understand but even the small ones I see now and then are easy to spot and stay away from. My painful marine life encounters have only been with the Portuguese Man O' War which should be avoided at all cost. They are very painful! Thankfully, no man o' war sightings.
Jellies or not the water was clear with small patches of seaweed and the water temperature is very inviting. Happy fall!

Update from the next day...
I am pretty sure this is a pink meanie....


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